DrawPad Graphic Editor


A simple tool for editing graphics


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DrawPad Graphic Editor is a tool for editing graphics that is designed to offer great results thanks to its drawing tools, effects and layering. The app will help you create the images you have in mind, and it's great for quick sketches.

This tool creates your projects from a white page or an image on your hard drive, using the dimensions and resolution that you need. You can also use the format you want, since the program supports most popular formats (PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF and SVG).

This drawing app uses basic editing tools such as a pencil, brush, and geometric shapes, as well as an eraser and text box. There's also a filler option, a shading tool, a bevel and a highlighter to give your drawings a more polished look.

You can specify the stroke width of the pencil and brush, and choose from different types of brushes that will give your drawings varying levels of opacity. In addition to having the basics perfected in this editor, you also have the option of layering to create more complex images by superimposing your creations and editing each individual stroke.
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